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Game Data Files

If you do not have Descent 1, purchase the game and install:

If you do not have Descent 2, purchase the game and install:


Install DXX-Rebirth:

Place these Descent 1 executables (Retro versions) in your Descent 1 folder (alongside D1X-Rebirth):

Place these Descent 2 executables (Retro versions) in your Descent 2 folder (alongside D2X-Rebirth):


To run DXX Retro on GNU/Linux, you'll need to build executables from the source code. You can download the source code of any DXX Retro version from the Releases page on GitHub. Once you've downloaded a version and extracted it, you can find instructions for building executables in the INSTALL.txt files (there's one in the d1 directory and one in the d2 directory).


Descent 1:

Descent 2:

Why Different Versions?

The Descent 1 and 2 Retro 1.4.x builds contains a number of enhancements, but have team game bugs. For team games, we have to use the 1.3 builds.

The Descent 2 Retro 1.4.x build is not available for Mac. So, when Mac users play, we have to use the 1.3 builds.

Missions / Levels

Download and unzip the Ranger mission packs into the respective game "missions" folder:


To host Descent 1 and 2 games, you must open UDP port 42424 on your router.

Optionally, try using UPnP PortMapper (requires Java):

Descent Rangers

Learn about the Rangers here:

Join us on Discord here:

Apply to become a member here:

If you like 1v1 ladders: Descent Champions Ladder

Other Games

We also support these other games!

Descent 3:

Overload can be purchased here:

There is also an Overload Community Level Pack available for purchase:

Overload Level Editor (free): Steam

Another Overload league: Overload Teams League

Forsaken (details need to be worked out on Free vs Commercial products):

Geocore: Steam

Member Quote
Anticipation is the key to success
- Ranger Brom