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Activities are considered be they in Mumble text/audio chat, any forum or within any Ranger game or other activity related to the league.

1. No validated infractions of the Code of Conduct.

2. No validated infractions of the Rules and Regulations.

3. No demeaning verbal or text postings regarding the league, squads or another Ranger, except in pure jest.

4. Use correct chat and game etiquette.

5. A willingness to help others when the need arises.

6. Maintain a large amount of game activity.

7. Participate in Ranger tournaments and events.

8. Participate in Gold Squad activities.

9. Be proactive and show a large amount of motivation from yourself and instill this motivation in others to participate and become more active in Ranger activities.

10. Demonstrate a well-rounded knowledge of the Code of Conduct and the Rules and Regulations.

11. Inactivity for two consecutive seasons may result in your status being changed to inactive.

12. If your status is changed to inactive, you come out of retirement or you have otherwise removed yourself or have been removed from being active; upon your status of becoming active again, there is no guarantee that you will retain the same rank as you had before.

13. Promotions and others items of business are usually performed at the end of the season unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Most of the above items should be self evident of what is expected of you and are listed here to remind you of the importance of such activity.

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