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Descent Rangers News

- 12/30/2019 07:36:58 PM Standard News Entry

Descent 1 Elective 2v2 Tournament

Hello Rangers,
     I am a man of my word! Here are the rules for the 2v2 Elective Tournament I have created. Any questions/comments, please email me.

Descent 1 2v2 Elective Team Tournament

Host: Lt. Commander Dravis


General Rules:

-          Descent 1 v 1.3

-          Ace Difficulty

-          Default Ranger weapons allowed/banned (see rules page on the website)

-          Kill Goal – 40

-          Valid maps to choose for tournament: Vamped, Neptune, Logic, Blackout, Pyromania, D-Day 97, Zodiac, Athena, Black Rose, DBox, Flea, Minerva, Nocturnal, Skybox

-          Maximum of x2 weapons allowed

-          Minimum 15 GPs on the current season must be obtained for pilots wishing to enter

-          ONLY Active pilots may participate in the tournament.

Tournament Rules:

-          Team registration dates will begin on January 7th, 2020 and will end January 14th.

-          To register your team into the tournament, email Lt. Commander Dravis at his email, listed on the Descent Rangers Blue Lightning Squad page (you must log on to the website to access it).

-          Tournament run time will be a maximum of 2 weeks. The tournament will start January 14th and last until January 28th.

-          If extra time is needed to finish up matches, please reach out to the tournament coordinator.

-          Teams with maximum star-ranking sum equaling 5 (lifetime).

-          As long the previous rule is met, pilots can team up with someone from another squad.

-          Each team will face off against other teams twice. One map will be chosen by team 1, one map will be chosen by team 2.

-          Tournament matches are called in game just like any regular team game, adhere to rules webpage for more information.

-          Highest ranking officer will call the game.

-          When scoring each match on website, be sure to select the event “Descent 1 Elective Team Tournament” from the drop-down list.

-          Teams must submit a screenshot to the tournament coordinator (Lt. Commander Dravis) for each match. Only one screenshot needed from each team per match.





-          The team score for each match is how many points your team will add on to it’s total. (Example: Team 1 gets 24 and 35 points in two matches. They have a total of 59 points for their overall team score).

-          The team with the highest overall total score wins the tournament.

In the event of a tie for first, a 1 match playoff between the tied teams will determine the victor. A random map will be chosen by the random map chooser on the website. ANY map that pops up on the random map picker will be the map played for in the tiebreaker.
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