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Real Name
25 years old
Somewhere on the Earth
"I have seen the future, you're not in it."
Descent (no shit), pool, sports
System Setup
Laptop/Keyboard and Mouse
Play smart, always be aware of your surroundings. Use certain weapons for certain situations.
Favorite Levels
Pyromania/Logic/Vamped/Tantrum/N eptune/Skybox/Keg Party V 1.0
Favorite Game Mode
Favorite Weapons
Plasma Cannon Fusion Cannon Smart Missiles Earthshaker Missiles
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Date Joined
Lieutenant Commander  Lieutenant Commander
Squad History
SID KPs GPs Ace %
System Administrator
Senior Officer
Game Manager
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News Manager
An Interview With Dravis

Pigmy: Describe how your pilot name came to be your pilot name.

Dravis: I’ve been using this alias ever since I started using aliases. When I came across the Descent Rangers, they asked me to use a pilot name so I just chose this one.

Pigmy: What drew you to the Descent Rangers in the first place, and who recommended you, if applicable?

Dravis: I got into a D1 Cooperative game that was hosted by Whoskyd, of the Red Dragons. At the time, he was in Black Lions. I remember mentioning that there should be online communities for Descent. He told me told me to visit this website and download this program. He then invited me to the mumble, and as soon as I entered, I signed up. The rest is history!

Pigmy: How long have you been playing Descent for?

Dravis: I’ve been playing Shareware since I was 5. I played that all the way up until when I signed up for the Rangers, maybe even a little before that because I remember finding the Hog and Pig files for Descent on some website. As far as multiplayer goes, I’ve been playing just a little under 2 years now.

Pigmy: What other kinds of games are you interested in?

Dravis: Minecraft, Sauerbraten, Hover!, and Sokomind are other games that interest me.

Pigmy: What hobbies interest you outside of gaming?

Dravis: I like to teach myself instruments. I used to take piano lessons, but if I find an instrument I like, I’ll teach myself. I’m also a big sports guy, especially judo.

Pigmy: Would you recommend Descent to other people and would you recommend the Rangers to other people?

Dravis: Yes, and yes. Descent is a really good game regardless of how old it is. It involved 360 degrees of freedom and it’s one of the first games to do so. It provides a whole new style of gaming. And as for the rangers, we are fun people to hang out with.

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Get back on the right side of the screen where you belong!
- 2nd Lieutenant Enzo03