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Postby Icewolf » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:08 am

The Black Lions were formed by Vain in 1997. Vain and Verran worked together on the name, and color, of the squad. Cemada was Commander at the time. His primary concern about Black Squad was how it would affect squad matches. It worked out, though, since we had a lot of active members back then. European folks would meet on their time to play/practice. Then they would schedule times to show up and play
squad matches. As time moved on, our number of active members decreased. Due to this, we opened Black Squad up to any member, regardless of time zone. Eventually, our overall member activity dwindled, so the Senior Officers decided to close Black Squad (around 2005) and distribute membership among the original four squads. The Rangers were active until 2007, after 3 years, when the group resumed activity with 4 original squads. In October 2011 Black Lions were opened again.
Some facts about Black Lions:
- first recorded squad match against red dragons and first WIN (findail and
lardass) 20-feb-1999
- former commanders:
- Black Lions keeps the highest among all squads skill ace rating - above 60%.

Thx to Pigmy for collecting information and to Verran and Canuck for providing some intel .

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