Pog editor for D2 - beta 1.0.2

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Pog editor for D2 - beta 1.0.2

Postby Icewolf » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:36 pm

Current - Beta 1.0.2:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gdbb7j3q0eez ... t.zip?dl=0

Version notes:
-Fixed asking twice about saving changes when closing program
-Fixed bug when 'Open pog with rl2' didn't trigger 'save changes' question
-Fixed no translation button active bug after canceled import
-Fixed bug with texture selection availability update at it's first appearance( no 'forbidden' sign(s) at used slots)
-Fixed bug with saving pog where file came out corrupted

System requirements:
Works on winXP or above.
I guess I could compile it for 32bit Linux too but there may be some problems:
- I'm not sure how .bmp will be handled there, I just didn't have time to check it out.
- Palette translation would be muuuch slower since I'm not familiar with custom library creation/deployment process on linux, and this function is done with my custom dll on windows

Any input appreciated, please leave a comment in this thread.
Program has 3 modes (set in the settings)
1. Vanilla
It will only allow you to import 64x64 textures (or replace same size)
(Extra textures disabled)
2. Extended
Texture size cap is at 256x256 for importing (DLE compatible I guess)
(Planning on enabling extra textures - sprites etc. with a way to replace them with the same size)
3. Experimental
Textures can be up to 512x512
(Planning on enabling extra textures allowing any size replacements up to 512x512 and... planning of finding my patched sources of SDLDevil so it can use 512x512 textures and publishing in on github or just SDLDevil thread so users can patch it themselves :P)

To use the program you need any RL2 file along the POG - it takes palette info from RL2 - it is safety precaution, since otherwise it is easy to mismatch the palette.
Tip: Water palette seems to be the best for custom pictures like photos.
Target audience: I guess this program could be useful for SDLDevil users at some point, (since DLE can do hi-res textures 256x256) but still after patching the source of the editor so, for now experimental mode is pretty much useless for the public.
I imagine it could also serve as quick way to replace textures, ease of use sort of thing. Initially I planned to do it for myself, but well why not to share...

planning for:
- hog file management
Unfortunate necessity since lone .pog doesn't contain information which palette to use (companion .rl2 file does)
- dealing with non-square textures which includes all sorts of stuff like sprites for items, shoots...( yes these can also be hi-res and could be fixed that way for openGL compatibility (performance = power of two dimensions)
- creating a .pog from scratch (or sort of a 'try each texture with all palettes' function) - could be useful if you didn't start texturing your level yet and you are not sure which palette would make your custom images look better so you can experiment a bit with that. - DONE but a bit differently - choose some rl2 file first to set a palette.
- changing the palette for given mission POG and RL2 (yep, that involves making changes in RL2 as well)
- creation of custom .pig files with new palettes ( this one is a waaay in dream land, but who knows maybe i'm not going to lose interest in this project before)
- add PG1 (POG) support for D1 - got some rumours about d1x-rebirth supporting it since ver. 0.60 (it is considered minor as long as there is no official non beta version around)

Many things I don't know and must learn about the engine from image processing perspective which is painful... for instance I don't know what means 'paged-out texture' bit in animated frame texture or what is 'abm flag'. Documentation about file formats is awfully outdated and has mistakes (don't know which is worse).

I'm predicting that mostly it could be used with up to 256x256 texturing. 512 sounds super cool and does look as much but there is no published level editor atm which could use that (I used modified SDLDevil to build test level).
In theory you don't need level editor to just replace pog file but... practice shows that it is a way more convenient to use level editor which can deal with 512x512.( I'm not 100% sure about DLE tho, my info about that is outdated)
My modified SDLDevil version can use texture of 2048x2048 max in theory but such texture doesn't look good in the editor - it was quick, nasty hack in the SDLDevil source just to prove that game engine can pull it off - yep, it can with some glitches (due to that I decided 512x512 is enough, and...yeah... that 256 color limit in palette is just ridiculous) - don't know about dxx 0.60 - didn't bother myself with beta testing beta texturing on beta engine :lol:

Q - Why I can import only Bitmaps in .bmp format?
A - Because bmp is easier to implement without additional libraries, codecs on linux and mac os (I guess) that makes it easier to implement on other platforms beside windows. User can use his favourite conversion program or editor (for instance - Gimp can edit exported bitmaps without altering palette which is useful - the way how you see it there it will appear in the game).
Q - Why my imported picture looks bad after processing?
A - Because game palette has only 256 colors (in fact 254). You can try using different palette (there is 6 available).Create 6 RL2 files each with different palette (alien1,alien2,fire,groupa,ice,water) then try creating new pog pointing on different RL2 each time then import and see the result of palette translation. A bit rough procedure at the moment, but planning on changing that in the future.

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