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Level editing

Postby Icewolf » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:22 am

I created few programs which helped me to do certain stuff while making levels - mostly unusual things.

Pog Converter

This program can convert descent2 .pog files to support bigger textures.
Since dtx2 won't allow you to replace textures for bigger ones I decided to create this program.
Prepare .pog file (using dtx2 or DLE) with 64x64 textures ONLY.
Run program, open pog file and select desired dimensions.
All textures within given pog will be resized x2 or x4.
Once conversion is done , program will produce another pog file.
Now you can use dtx2 or some other program to replace textures from that .pog
https://www.dropbox.com/s/7mlkkxjyitrzy ... v.zip?dl=0

This program is raw, awkward and made in haste.
Top part takes coordinates of two points and calculates coords for point in the middle between them (half way in straight line), it also calculates distance between given two points.
Bottom part is what made my work with spheres much much easier. It makes creation of spheres, both exterior and interior easier and efficient considering engine limitations.
It takes two parameters - long side and short side, these are sizes of the opposite walls (standard is 20) in trapezoid like cube. Sides distance is calculated (distance from long to short wall). That gives you shape of the base cube. This cubes should be connected side by side creating a ring (with 12 of them) - adding rings above and below (made of same cube calculated above) will create a sphere in the middle (exterior - you can fly around it). Diameter of the sphere gives you clue how big it will be. I used that to create planets, stars in descent. Side area (cube side surface area) is just indication if game engine wont blow into your face with bugs - don't go above 10000.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/koq1yx1uqxqqo ... r.zip?dl=0

Pog transparency remover
It removes (replaces) transparency colour from the custom texture. Some textures during import got that problem which makes it look awkward. It is for use with bigger textures (256)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui8ma49v2c5yg ... e.zip?dl=0

Various tools
These I did not create, found them on the internet.
These programs are old, they work for me on winXP, in some cases I'm not sure about newer systems.
Descent Block Builder 2.1
Blocked-The Descent Block Editor .blk file edition.
Briefing Editor .txb file edition (won't work on 64bit system)
DTX1 Descent Texture/Sound/Music Editor (D1) (won't work on 64bit system)
DTX2 Descent Texture/Sound/Music Editor for Descent II (won't work on 64bit system)
Hoggle 1.3 - my favourite .hog manager (won't work on 64bit system)
HXMEdit 1.1 is a robot editor for Descent II v1.2 (won't work on 64bit system)
LVLVIEW32 - sophisticated level viewing tool
Packafied 0.5 - the Package File Editor (never used this one, it's written in java)
256ed Palette converter (won't work on 64bit system)
Pmview2 - Descent 2 PolyModel Viewer
Rboted 1.3 - Robot editor (cool stuff to tamper with robot AI) (won't work on 64bit system)
GXEdit - GX-Edit is a program that allows you to change some of the Pyro-Gx's attributes in Descent 2
Descent Manager RCK03b - with required dll libs (you need original descent exe file to install this - i know...pain in the a..)
Cob2pm - Converts Truespace cob or scn files into the descent polymodel format
All above in one zip:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxkqv6b7oy3cs ... s.zip?dl=0

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