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Next team tournament ideas

Postby Icewolf » Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:33 am

I have two ideas which are not compatible with each other.

First one:
Introduction of timed matches which would bring more excitement.
No score limit for each game, constant time limit instead.
This way winning all games might not be enough to win the event. This would make even single team point important - get as many as you can.
Even if you lose - it's best to lose it with highest amount of score in given time.
Above approach would require careful level selection, the pool should consist levels of relatively equal size, since huge levels would lower the chance for higher scores.
Matches would be arranged same way as for Origins tourney - each team vs all others.
Version of the game and level pool to be determined depending on interest.

Second one:
Team score would not be important - just wins. ELO rating would be calculated based on wins, number of games played and opponent's skill.
Formula for ELO would be similar to one used during Winter 2014 D1 tourney with some adjustments.
(Winning against weaker team gives less points)
Free play matches arrangement - team plays any opponents any number of times - no restrictions.
Version of the game and level pool to be determined depending on interest.

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